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When we heard the shocking news that in the year 2019, Croydon topped the table of payday loan usage in the UK, we knew that we needed to try and provide our community with a cheaper and fairer alternative. We wanted this new loan facility to match the speed, efficiency and user friendliness that people now expect from online lenders, but with the big difference that it would save people money and avoid the risk of them turning to an Illegal Money Lender - otherwise known as a Loan Shark! This lead us to partner with Just Borrow and create a new Short-Term loan product which is better suited to the needs of the community.


Our New 'Just Borrow' Loan is available 24/7 online at, where residents of Croydon, Merton and Sutton can apply for loans between between £100 and £750, that can be repaid over 3 to 9 months and receive an immediate decision, just like with other online lenders but without the extortionate fees!

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