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Our School Saver Account is specially designed for use when you need it most!

This account will help you to save and budget for School Uniform, Equipment and Fees and can be accessed for withdrawals in July, August, December and April.

The account will help you to budget for the times that you need to by uniform, pay for holiday clubs, additional childcare, or even as a savings pot to be used to keep the kids busy over the holidays! Plus, there is no time limit on how long you can hold one of these accounts, so it could even be used for long term savings toward college or university costs!

To apply for a School Saver Account, you will need to have already become a member of CroydonPlus.

​Once you are ready to open a School Saver Account you can complete the below form and email this to us at:

Would you prefer to apply online?

Please note that the School Saver Account is a SAVINGS only account and funds in this account will only be released during the months of April, July, August and December. If at the time of withdrawal you have a loan which is in arrears, we will use the funds from this account to clear the balance of the arrears before releasing any remaining funds to you. No loans can be issued on this account and you can only open a School Saver Account if you are already a member of CroydonPlus Credit Union with a regular Share Account.

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