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Joining CroydonPlus is a great way to start managing your finances, by saving regularly and providing access to loans you can afford to repay.

A credit union is based on local people helping each other. One person’s savings is loaned to another member. The interest the borrower pays goes back into the credit union for the benefit of members.

        We have no external shareholders or Fat Cats – and only members can be Board directors.

        We encourage all our members to save something every month, however small.

        We won’t let you borrow more than you can afford

        We won’t charge you exorbitant interest rates and there are no hidden charges.

At its very heart, CroydonPlus Credit Union works tirelessly to encourage the people in our community to take control of their finances, to save some money for those unexpected or hoped for items and to borrow money responsibly.

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The opportunity of becoming a member of CroydonPlus is open to:


Click here to search for your postcode to see if your home, workplace or school is within our area.

To activate your account you will be required to make an initial deposit of £10. Of this, £5 will be placed in your share account (savings account) and £5 will be taken as a joining fee to cover all account administration expenses.

**Please note, that a joining fee is not applicable when opening Junior Savings accounts.

ALL membership applications – online or on paper – must be accompanied by two proofs of identification.

If you do not fulfil our criteria for membership, please click here to find your nearest Credit Union.


If you’re eligible to be a member, the quickest way to do this is to join online.

To make this process easier for you it is best to have your driving licence and passport nearby. Your online application will be processed within three working days.

You’ll need to provide proof of identification as well. For information on what will be required, please 

Alternatively you can contact us to request a Membership Information Pack to be sent by post.

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Do you have children, grandchildren, or a young relatives living with you at your address in Croydon, Merton or Sutton?

Would you like to encourage them to learn how to manage money and realise the value of saving?

If so, then you can encourage them to save by opening a Junior Saver account on their behalf.

A CroydonPlus Credit Union Member opening a Junior Saver Account will normally be the Trustee of the account until the person reaches the age of 16. Alternatively you can nominate another person as the Trustee. ​Please note, our rules require the young person to be living at the same household as the nominating CroydonPlus Member.

To open a Junior Saver Account you will need to complete a Junior Saver Application Form and return this to us at, along with a copy of the child's Birth Certificate/Passport.

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