We have a range of loan products to suit different needs.

Generally, you’ll need to have a savings history to qualify for a loan. This means that you must have 3 months of regular savings (no minimum deposit) before you can apply for a loan. When you take out a loan your savings are ‘locked’ as security against the loan.

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Loan available to members who have saved with us for a minimum of 3 months


Loans ideal for Members with a longer savings history and are looking to borrow over £5000.00


Loans aimed at newly-joined Members receiving Child Benefit or Universal Credit, however this is open to all (adult) Members.


Loans ideal for Members who have saved for a while and have no current loan with CroydonPlus


To apply for a loan with CroydonPlus, you will need to complete a loan application form, either online or by paper.  Below is some application guidance information for each of our loan products. 

Help us to help you by answering all questions on the application form and providing all the information requested.

In addition to completing the correct loan application form, please be sure to provide us with 2 full months of bank statements and 2 months of Payroll slips.

For a fast and secure way of providing your Bank Statements, we recommend that you use Open Banking.

To use this service you must be registered for Internet Banking with your bank. Please note that not all Banks have this facility and should your bank be one of them, then please email you statements to 


If you do not provide all the required information this will delay your loan decision and may lead to your application being declined. And remember, you will need to become a member – so Join Today


You must be a member to apply 

A loan application form must be completed in full. The easiest way to do this is through our online Member’s Area – Please log in for more details.

Alternatively if you have not yet joined our Members’ Area you can download an application form by visiting the loan page for the specific loan you wish to apply for. 

The application will include questions about your income and expenditure, current debts, loans and arrears.
You will be asked to confirm the information you are giving is true and accurate.

Any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to talk through any queries you may have.


Unlike many lenders, we try to help you manage your money which means we lend responsibly and do not knowingly grant you a loan if it will get you into more debt. We also have a responsibility to all our members to lend their money responsibly.


Our Loan Officers consider the following when looking at your application:

          Affordability – helping you to manage your finances

Can you afford the weekly or monthly payments without going into debt?

          Risk – keeping our members’ money safe

Using your history with CroydonPlus and other lenders are you likely to pay back the full loan on time?


By taking a loan from CroydonPlus, you are entering a Legal Credit Agreement which is enforceable by law. Unlike other lenders, when you borrow from CroydonPlus Credit Union you are borrowing other people’s savings (and likewise they are borrowing yours). This makes clear that it is important that people who can pay back their loan do so on time.

We do understand that thing can happen that can sometimes make repayments difficult. We are sensitive to members who are genuinely struggling to repay their loan. We will review your circumstances and the loan repayments and do what we can to help.

As with all financial loans, we’d like you to get in touch with us at the earliest opportunity if you’re not able to meet your repayments and risk defaulting.

However we do take seriously people who we consider have no intention of paying their loan. We do pursue debts and take seriously those members who simply won’t pay their loan. This includes taking people to court to ensure that this money is repaid.

So if you think you may default on a repayment, please contact us straight away so that we can talk through your options with you and offer as much support as we can. The sooner you speak with us, the more options will be available to you. We are here to help - not judge! 


Looking for a competitive loan?

You should look around, but it can take time. We’ve done some price comparisons to save you time.





And if you borrow over 12 months, you’ll end up with £300 of savings in your account!

Wherever you apply for a loan, please make sure that you check the total repayment amount and that the lender is authorised. It is so easy to get caught out by slick websites!