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We encourage all our members to save regularly and one of the best ways of doing this is to save directly from your salary – before it hits your bank account! 
With our Salary Savings Scheme, all members can save directly from their salary and gain access to the other products and services that we provide.


Money worries are one of the main causes of stress in the UK, so looking after our Mental and Financial wellbeing is so important – now more than ever!


If you would like to encourage your employees to join our Salary Savings Scheme and access all the benefits of being a CroydonPlus Credit Union Member – then becoming a Partner is simple! Just complete this a New Partner Form and return it to us at:


If you are interested in joining this scheme you must, first ensure that your employer is already partnered with us a Salary Savings Scheme Partner (see list below). The next step is to join online to be come a member and complete Salary Savings Scheme Payment Form. Please return your completed form to us at

Once received, we will register your information and then provide you with your membership details. We will also update your Payroll Department, so that you don’t have to!


If your employer is not one of our partners, we would be happy to contact them with information about what the scheme offers. Just drop us an email at with the Payroll/HR Contact and we will send them an information pack.

In the meantime, we welcome you to join CroydonPlus as a member and you and arrange for deposits to be made into your account via Standing Order. Don’t worry though as we can always move you onto the scheme once your employer is all set up! 


We have collated a list of common queries regarding this scheme which we hope may help you however, should you have any questions regarding the scheme, please feel free to contact us at or call us on 020 3468 8568 and a member our team will be happy to help!


CroydonPlus is already proudly partnered with the employers listed below – helping them to provide their employees with all the benefits that this scheme offers:

Amicus Optivo

Circle Housing

Croydon Care Solutions

Croydon Churches Housing 

CroydonPlus Credit Union

First Security Guards

Grenfell Housing

Harris Academy

Kingsley Primary

LB Croydon Pensioners

LB Croydon Equipment

LB Croydon Council

LB Sutton Council

LB Merton Teachers

LB Merton Council

Manor Trust

MPH (Clarion HG)

LB Sutton Encompass



Pegasus Academy

St. Cyprians

Strictly Education

Sutton Housing Partnership

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