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Saving regularly is a good and healthy habit. Putting aside some money – whether £5 or £100 – on a regular basis is the best way to build up savings. Make it a habit by saving some money to help build up a chunk of money that you can use for celebrations, or a rainy day. It’s that easy!

Calculate how much you can save – we suggest a minimum of £10 per month – then set up a standing order for the same day you receive your money – then it’s been saved before its spent. 


Once you’ve joined and been accepted as a member there are different ways to save with us:

          Set up a regular Standing Order into your CroydonPlus account from your bank or building society.


          Join the Salary Savings Scheme


          Or have your Child Benefit paid directly to your savings account, and then you’re eligible to take out a Family Loan.

British Pounds


We have a variety of savings accounts available for our members to allow them to save for every occasion!

General Savings Account

Savings Account for 0-16 year olds

Savings for School Uniform, Equipment and Fee's that can be accessed for withdrawals in July, August, December and April

Savings with access to withdraw between November and January

Savings made directly from your salary

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