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The Family Plus Loan is available to all members, but is especially good if you have just joined CroydonPlus Credit Union and do not have a savings history.

To be considered for a Family Plus Loan, you must arrange an appointment with ourselves to transfer your Child Benefit to your CroydonPlus account. Should your loan be approved it will be processed upon receipt of the first Child Benefit payment.

Your loan repayment will be taken out of the Child Benefit first and any amount remaining after the loan repayment has been made can be used to start regular saving, some of which may be available for you to withdraw.

Unlike our Saver Loan (another frequent first time loan), the Family Plus Loan does not require a minimum saving per month.


  • Membership Qualification: All members

  • Maximum Loan: £750

  • Interest rate: 34.5% APR

Family at a Beach

As part of the application process, you will be asked to provide copies of two months bank statements and two months payslips, so please ensure that you have access to these before you begin the application.


If you would prefer to complete the application on a paper form, please contact us at: and we can send you one. 

All rates and information is correct as of 1st October 2023.

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