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The Premier Loan is designed to encourage members with a good savings history to consider CroydonPlus Credit Union instead of other high-street lenders when borrowing for larger purchases. It is designed for the borrower with a need for a larger sum of money than is normally available through other loan products. The loan could be used to fund major purchases or projects such as a car purchase, study fees, home improvements or any other large one-off expense.


  • Membership Qualification: 12 months

  • Minimum Savings: £2,000

  • Minimum Loan: £5,000 above savings

  • Maximum Loan: £10,000 above savings

  • Yearly APR: 12.7% (1% monthly)

The easiest way to apply for a  Premier Loan is to APPLY ONLINE


As part of the application process, you will be asked to provide copies of two months bank statements and two months payslips, so please ensure that you have access to these before you begin the application.


If you would prefer to complete the application on a paper form, please contact us at: and we can send you one. 


All rates and information is correct as of 1st October 2023

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