A Matter of Life and Debt – 2nd SEASON

A Matter of Life & Debt season 2 begins next week!

On Monday 19 November 2018, the hugely- successful television series, ‘A Matter of Life & Debt’ will return for its second season on BBC One.


As you might be aware, the second season will be split in two parts. The first of these will broadcast Monday-Friday at 11am on BBC One. It will run consecutively for two weeks with the second half of the season to be broadcast early next year.

The first season was the most popular show on TV for its time slot and attracted 25% of TV audiences (1.25 million people). Over the three weeks it was shown, over 48,000 users visited the Find Your Credit Union website and over 30,000 of the users found a credit union available to them.

It’s very important to remind you to make sure your details are updated accurately so that you can be found via the website. We would hate to miss this opportunity to increase membership. There is a Find Your Credit Union information guide on how to update your page on the ABCUL website which can be found here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your member relationship manager if you need any assistance updating your details.

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