Sutton Member Says Credit Union Membership Is Life Changing

CroydonPlus Credit Union is asking communities in Sutton and across south London to join in celebrating International Credit Union Day on 20th October. For people who struggle with poor credit ratings, it’s easy to see why.

Valentine - Sutton MemberValentine, a resident in Wallington, wanted to start making some savings. A friend told her about CroydonPlus – also known as Croydon, Merton & Sutton Credit Union – and she started to save.

“It’s been life changing, it means so much to me and my family,” says Valentine as she reflects on how CroydonPlus has helped her over the years.

Valentine consolidated several loans before attending college and it hit her credit score.

After opening a credit union account she started to make regular savings to start preparing for a rainy day. Over the years, membership has helped in finding money to buy her house and to help support her daughter with university fees.

“My credit rating was affected. The big banks use a system, and when they say no, you hit a wall,” says Valentine, “with the credit union you can sit down and talk to someone.”

Like a seasoned financial planner, Valentine explains the importance of credit: “Your credit rating is you. Sometimes things don’t go so well and it can be difficult to move on. With CroydonPlus, as long as you behave responsibly, you have another channel.”

Credit Unions are savings and loans cooperatives. Members with a track record of saving regularly can apply for loans that are cheaper than short term lenders.

“International Credit Union Day is a great day to celebrate how we help our members in Sutton, Croydon and Merton. Credit Unions throughout the country are joining in,” said Peter Hutchison, Manager at CroydonPlus.

CroydonPlus has worked hard to modernise and improve services for members and communities across Croydon, Merton and Sutton over the last year.

“It’s great to hear how we’ve helped Valentine and people like her over the years,” said Hutchison. “As a credit union we’ll do our best to help new and current members. We can help because we work for our members in Croydon, Sutton and Merton and don’t have shareholders taking money out of the business. We now support online accounts, making it easier to open an account and for people who are struggling with money, we’re a friendly voice that can help over the phone.”

Valentine explains it very clearly: “The advice that people give at the credit union means so much. Everything for me is very positive.”

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